Writing Assignment Of MGMT 306

Writing Assignment Of MGMT 306

Management 306

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Writing Workshop

After an embarrassing sign incident at the restaurant you own, you decide to offer employees a six-week fundamental writing skills workshop.

A local business communication instructor, who has experience teaching writing skills at Treleaven Community College, will facilitate the sessions.

To encourage employees to attend these optional sessions, write a memo that explains why you’re offering the workshop and why employees should participate.


Remember that your employees have other responsibilities. They may be students with classes and homework assignments, or they may have a spouse and children, or they may work another job. As you write your memo, consider that your employees may not feel the workshop is personally worthwhile, but even if it is, it may be difficult to attend.


You want to convince your employees to sign up for the workshop. The workshop is optional. If you make the workshop mandatory, you are no longer persuading your employees—you’re giving them an order. The challenge of the assignment is to find a way persuade your employees to willingly participate.


Your memo will include both information and persuasion. The information should answer key questions such as start and end dates, how long the sessions run, etc. Because those are the first questions that occur to your employees, they should be answered first. Your persuasion should then follow. When deciding what to include in your persuasion, consider incentives that your employees find valuable.


When writing to employees, choose a style that matches your managerial style. Some managers communicate with employees very formally, while others communicate informally. The key is to be an effective communicator.

Writing Workshop (Example 1) Spaghetti Dinner 5500 University Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA 92407 To: Spaghetti Dinner Employees From: Desiree Almanza Date: October 10th 2016 Subject: Opportunity to earn more money Hello everyone! As most of you may know, there was a sign posted last week with embarrassing grammatical errors. Here at Spaghetti Dinner we pride ourselves with excellence. We are ranked in the top 10 by professional food critics here in Southern California. That means we need excellence all round not just in food and customer service but also intellectually. Our all-around business needs to be at its best. Therefore to prevent future mistakes and ensure this situation doesn’t occur again, I am inviting all employees to attend a Fundamental Writing Workshop. Although the workshop is not required I strongly recommend and encourage all staff to attend. The classes will be a six week fundamental writing skills workshop held here in our facility every Monday and Thursday from 6-8pm starting November 7. If you decide to do this, you only have to attend one class per week in order to work with some of your shifts and daily schedules. I hired a local business communication instructor Dr. Reade with experience in teaching writing skills at Treleaven Community College, she will be facilitating the session. In the six weeks you will learn the fundamentals of writing such as grammar, writing structure, how to communicate to the readers and more. I am aware that life catches up to us, we are all very busy people and all in need of a little extra money. So for some encouragement to attend the courses, all classes will be free. In fact all sessions will be paid on the clock, so yes you will get paid to attend. Since the same class is being held twice a week, you can only get paid for one session. This is a way to get educated and apply something new while getting paid. Not only will you get paid to attend these courses but at the end of the workshop if attend five out of 6 classes you will receive a certification of completion. If you receive a certification you will automatically get a raise of 25 cents per hour. In addition you will get 2 paid vacation days (or 16 hours) this month. Also for those who are trying to build their resume, this certification of completion is a great add on. This will show your future employer (or me for future promotion and job position) that your writing is at a professional level. I encourage all employees to try it out and attend as much as you can. This will not only help you financially but also intellectually. Both will be better in the long run. Not to mention those who receive a certificate will be prioritized on the work schedule. Remember there is always room for improvement. So why not start now. Please get back to me ASAP if you are interested in this opportunity.