Instructions for Paper: The topic for this semester is Climate Change

Write the paper as a narrative. It may be as long or as short as you need to communicate the facts and your position.

A journal article is one that contains actual data – make sure you find these references, the librarians can help, or ask me.

  1. Define
  2. climate change
  3. Greenhouse Effect
  4. Find “scientific articles” – make sure they are recent (2011-2014)
  5. Find 2 references that support climate change and summarize their reasons for supporting climate change
  6. Find 2 references that oppose climate change and summarize their reasons for opposing climate change
  7. Find opinion articles
  8. find a current (2013-14) article supporting global warming – summarize the author’s point of view
  9. find a current (2013-14) article opposing global warming – – summarize the author’s point of view
  10. Present your position on the topic – making sure to cite the information your opinion is based on what you have read.


  1. Page of references (either MLA or APA)
  2. Use 1 inch margins on all sides. Use 12 point font and double space.


  1. 20 points for references – make sure they are current and from journals, magazines and other valid sources.
  2. 20 points – explanation of the science – your definitions should be so clear a new student would be able to understand how it works
  3. 20 points – summary of two sides – make sure you reference information supporting both sides
  4. 20 points – presentation of your opinion – make sure you cite the information you based your opinion on and that you clearly state where you stand.
  5. 20 points for formatting – margins, size type, citing of references