So there are 2 parts you would need to write for this essay. Both parts Requires MLA FORMAT. Part 1 would be a summary of the story you read and then you would write your opinion/your perspective on the story which would be Part 2.

PART 1: You will need to write a summary of 500 words

(Create Your own title)
Stablish a foundation of What you’re going to talk about. (75 to 150 words)

Main things (reasons/evidence)
-Thesis (what’s the point of essay)
-Support for the claim
-Reasons and evidence
-Context about the author
-Types of support
-Facts, opinions, research, observation

PART 2: You will need to write a summary of your perspective/ opinion of 500 words

Write a response (450-525 words)
-Thesis explain
Other/not there.(something we might think the author wasn’t talking about) (something he should have mentioned)