When growing up, children grow up wishing to be doctors

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Turning Point

When growing up, children grow up wishing to be doctors, lawyers, surgeons, engineers or pilots mostly because these careers are regarded as high prestige in the society. However, very few of them desire to be teachers due to the perception that it is tiresome, low paying and requires a lot of work input. However, teaching is one of the most exciting jobs since it gives on a chance to help mold future career paths of different specialists such that in one class, it can consist of over fifty careers. Alternatively, good teachers act as role models due to their constant advice, sharing’s on life experiences and challenging students not to limit themselves to small achievements. As such, even as students go about their daily activities or after school, they always remember the teachings of a particular teacher and relate the activities thus being able to make better choices. Alternatively, the joy of teaching emanates from seeing other people make it in life or achieve their dreams and associating with their success.

The person who led me to consider a turning point was Peter Banks, my high school English teacher. He was inspiring in his lessons which he taught through life experiences and although he lacked technical expertise, when he talked, everyone played attention since he would communicate emotionally and make the whole process exiting using facial expressions, voice variations and using rhetorical questions which led us to think critically. Before he came along, English lessons were boring since we would lead literature books throughout the lessons, a process that had become tiring and monotonous which resulted to fall in grades. By good luck, the board of education showed concern on the issue and terminated the previous teacher. Peter would come to class, ask everyone to close their books and ask us to write what was on our thoughts even though it was ridiculous which would then discuss as a class. One of his major lessons was learning to write based on feelings as a way of being truthful to oneself and aiding the reader to form a connection.

Most teachers want to come to class, give assignments and wait for the time to lapse especially at the beginning of an academic year. However, this was not the case for Peter who would use any available chance to counsel us on what to expect in college and how to cope. He would share stories of his college life and in one particular case, he told us about the first time he was late for an exam because he overslept but he lied to the professor that he had fainted on the way to class and had to be rushed to the campus clinic. As such, Banks taught us on the importance of honest and ways of avoiding misconducts in future which could result in huge implications. For those of us who loved writing, he encouraged us to read most of the books in the library and analyze them amongst ourselves. Peter also supported talented individuals in sports, music, dancing, science, and mathematics by championing not to focus too much attention on local and regional levels but rather on the national and international competition. Today 98% of the people I schooled with in high school performed well in their SATs and are enrolled in various national universities while others left to study abroad.