You have been working as a psychiatric aide at a local mental health center and have been placed in charge of the day treatment group, where individuals who have serious mental illness come and discuss their problems and where you help them develop basic work skills. You have two staff members whom you supervise. One day, a client of yours comes in and says that one of your staff has been making suggestive statements to her. She says that she believes that the staff person wants to have sex with her. You know the client tends to exaggerate and is sometimes paranoid. However, you are not sure whether there might be some truth to her statements.

1- How should you proceed?

2- If you find that the client is truthful, which ethical violations in the NOHS code (Appendix B) might the staff person be committing?

3- If you find that the client is truthful, which repercussions should occur for the staff person?

4- If you find the client is not truthful, how should you deal with the client?