Week 7 Discussion Questions

Week 7 Discussion Questions

Respond  to two of the four discussion questions. You’ll want to provide a  thoughtful, 100+ word response for each of the discussion questions that  you select. Think of these as essay questions. In your response,  clearly demonstrate an understanding of the concepts from the readings  and lecture notes relating to the topics. Incorporate examples in your  explanation that demonstrates your understanding the material.

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1.  Define “triggers” as they relate to innovation. What triggers have been  present in the automotive industry in the US in the last three years?
2. What are some of the dangers or problems to employees of entrepreneurial organizations?
3.  Has the entrepreneurial nature of Apple changed since the death of  Steve Jobs? Has the new CEO Timothy Cook tried to follow in Jobs’  footsteps in terms of keeping it a “dynamic incubator”?
4. Is a sense of urgency necessary for an entrepreneurial organization to thrive? Why or why not?