Week 6 Discussion Question

Week 6 Discussion Question

Respond  to two of the four discussion questions. You’ll want to provide a  thoughtful, 100+ word response for each of the discussion questions that  you select. Think of these as essay questions. In your response,  clearly demonstrate an understanding of the concepts from the readings  and lecture notes relating to the topics. Incorporate examples in your  explanation that demonstrates your understanding the material.

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1.  Describe the corporate venture plan. If you wanted to introduce a  hybrid car in a country where it is not yet sold, what components of the  venture plan could be excluded? Why?

2.  Describe the kinds of controls used in successful entrepreneurial  organizations. Would controls like these be effective for an auto  manufacturer such as Chrysler or GM? Why or why not?

3.  What kind of goals can inspire or drive entrepreneurial corporate  performance? Find at least one example of one company that has goal(s)  like these. If you use a Web source, remember that you must include a  “retrieved on” date.

4.  How are the activities of employees at entrepreneurial companies  different from employees in conventional companies? Do these differences  tend to work best for one level of employee, rather than across most  levels? Why or why not?