Week 6 Assignment – Discussion

Week 6 Assignment – Discussion

Please see the attached assignment, which is due on 23 April 2020. Please read carefully before you accept responsibility.

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Discussion -Forum 4 – Part A

After reading the prompt in the Assignment Instructions folder, complete Part A and B. Please read the assignment instructions carefully.


Now that you have read the Keller and Alsdorf text, (1) describe 5 things that you found to be most important from the text, (2) list anything that you disagree with and why, and/or state why you agree with the text, and (3) explain how if a biblical worldview component was added to your research design, how would it change, or not change, your research approach. Be specific, and include at least 3 additional outside scholarly resources. The Keller and Alsdorf text will be your fourth resource, with the Bible, if used, counting as 1 resource (no matter how many times it is cited, and no matter how many different versions are used). The thread must be at least 300 words.