Week 5 – Assignment: Prepare A Lecture/Speech

In this assignment, imagine that you have been asked to give a speech for a local community group about the relationship between television violence and violent behavior in children. Your speech should be understandable to a general audience yet scholarly as well. Be sure to cover the following topics:

• A brief summary explaining observational learning in simple terms
• A summary of the latest research on the relation between viewing media violence and violent behavior in children
• The research will be conflicting, with some research finding a relationship between media violence and violent behavior in children, and other research not proving that relationship. Note any differences between the research (groups studied, type of violence, etc.), and explain this in a comprehensible way to the audience.
• Explain at least two things parents can do in their families to minimize the impact of violent media on child behavior.

Refer to at least two research articles in the lecture. The transcript of the lecture should be accompanied by a reference list.

Length: 3-5 pages