Week 4 Assignment Discussion

Chapter 5:


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  1. Outline the stages in the system development life cycle.
  2. Identify common SDLC failures.
  3. Explain why it is important to plan the SDLC.
  4. Identify and discuss the major steps involved in a cost-benefit analysis of a proposed information system.
  5. Describe the different types of system documentation.


Read Ch 7.


  1. Discuss the classes of transaction input controls used by accounting applications.
  2. Discuss the nature of processing controls, including run-to-run, operator intervention and audit trail controls.
  3. Describe the effective output controls over batch and real-time systems.
  4. Describe the features of the five CATTSĀ that test application logic.


Submission Instructions:

  • The post should be at least 300 words per discussion, formatted and cited in current APA style. Include at least two references.