Week 3-Leadership

Week 3-Leadership

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You have been introduced several theories and frameworks on leadership. Which one of the theories do you think to align with the global leadership requirements? Discuss your rationale.

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Xuanyi Zhu 

RE: Wk 3 – DQ


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Hello Class:

As for the era of economic globalization in 2020, leaders should understand different cultures in different countries and regions, because it is difficult for a company to avoid cooperation with other companies, we need to know enough about each other to establish a good relationship. Leaders should establish a good relationship with employees because the current market is in great need of talents and talents are in short supply. It is very important for leaders to have a good relationship of trust with employees to make employees willing to work for the company. Because no company’s success depends on individual effort, a company’s success depends on the participation of all its employees and leaders.

Leaders also need to be responsible for their employees and the society, like COVID 19 now, many people are facing unemployment, leaders need to be responsible for their employees, so as to build a good relationship, and leaders should also be flexible because the market is always changing. Leaders need to have adequate plans to deal with the uncertain changes ahead if they are not to be knocked out of the market.

Leaders need to combine different markets, different employees and different companies to make different judgments. An excellent leader can seize market demand. In the past few days, I visited the Nike website and found that Nike’s marketing during the period of COVID-19 needs to be learned. Not only did Nike reduce the price of many products, but Nike has been advertising indoor activity products, and it also invited different people to promote the importance of fitness. I think this is very good, as the leader needs to capture the needs of the market at different times is the most important.

The most important thing is that leaders need to learn constantly. As I said just now, the market is constantly changing. The only constant thing is changing. Leaders need to improve their knowledge and abilities, including marketing plans, and relationships with employees. , And real-time policies. In my opinion, no theory meets the requirements of global leadership. Only combining all theories is the requirement of global leadership.


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Sophia Bosoni 

Discussion #3 – Sophia Bosoni


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Dear everyone, In week #2 class discussion, we discussed the difference between the traits and the behavior of a leader. A trait relates to the personality and the character of a person/leader. Behavior relates to the environment the person/leader is in and how they act. It is not because a leader has certain traits that they have a certain behavior. Behavior can change depending on the situation of the leader. Moreover, as a global leader, I believe it is important to treat both the employees and the clients well. If the employees are happy, it is most likely the customers will as well. The needs of both employees and customers are very important to me. That is why I see myself as a leader that believes in high structure and high consideration. Also, I like to use the laissez-faire style of leadership if the employees are responsible and dedicated. I am looking forward to reading your ideas and replies.

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