Week 1: Reflection Paper

What impact has your family had on your decision to pursue a graduate degree in Professional Counseling?

Write a reflection paper guided by the following questions:

  • How is education viewed by your family?
  • How is counseling viewed by your family?
  • What do you believe makes your family unique?
  • What values have your family taught you?
  • What rituals do your family observe?
  • What narratives do your family share?
  • What assumptions does your family make about the world?

NOTE: Your paper should be two pages in length and written according to APA format.  Remember to cite the readings in your posts and include a reference list.

You will need to include a cover page APA style, 2 page paper APA style, and Reference page APA style.

You will not need an abstract page for any paper for this course, do not include the abstract page.

My name is Yazmillie Fuentes and I was born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico and raised in a small town named Cayey. I lived with my mother, maternal grandmother, brother, cousins and aunt. Although my mother divorced my dad, her accomplishment in becoming a business woman became my inspiration. Juggling between furthering my career, my wonderful four children and grandson has been my pride. However, it has also been a challenge that I have been trying to overcome, In spite of that, I know that I have the drive and ambition to keep moving forward. Being determined and setting goals for my future has always been a part of my personal experience. The field of Psychology caught my attention when I was in high school and I had taken an elective class in the tenth grade. I instantly felt the passion and I knew that this would someday be my career. I had my first son when I was sixteen-years old, and my second when I was seventeen-years-old. I worked a full-time job while also attending college. With the help of my marvelous mother and cousin, I was able to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Within four years I received my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and in 2007, I graduated from the University of Turabo in Puerto Rico. I made the decision to move to Florida in 2007, to provide a better life for myself and my children. I prevailed through the hardships of the language barrier. I had to find a way to adjust with limited job openings during that time. I was able to find a job in a daycare facility as a teacher, where I discovered working with children and helping families were also my passion. Also, during this period I got married and had two more children.




In 2010, I was given a wonderful opportunity to interview for a position as a case manager at The Centers. Excitedly, I was hired immediately. I was required to take a 3 month training to be certified as a case manager with the child welfare system. Working as a case manager for five years gave me the aspect of personal and professional growth. In addition, I acquired the experience in the court room. This personal growth has made a significant impact on my life. Learning how to help the parent alter their perspective with hopes of a change of heart was also a reward. These changes helped me with the ability to unite families and help them process through their conflict.

Currently in my career, I have advanced into an Individual/Family Counselor position with the Arnette House, as well as an Independent Contracted Clinician with Families First of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor. At the Arnette House my responsibility is to visit with children in school settings in order to establish a connection with the child and provide counseling services. Within my counseling sessions, anger management, depression, bullying, social, and coping skills are addressed. I counsel individually and apply the therapeutic interventions of Solution Focused Therapy to implement solutions instead of focusing solely on the problem. I use a collaborative approach psychoeducation and Reality Therapy to help my clients learn how take ownership and responsibility for their actions. I also utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Talk, Art, and Play Therapy.

I believe group therapy is effective in certain cases, therefore it is an essential part of my treatment process because I work with groups in school settings. Appealing to their situation and listening is a significant part of the therapeutic process. At Families First of Florida, I have the opportunity to counsel children with autism, ADHD, and severe depression as well as other clinical diagnosis. Currently, it is my goal to provide parents with the skills and coping mechanisms for their children, so that both the child and parent receive the services they are needing. Through the years and with the experience that I have acquired in the field, I am proud to say that many of my dreams have been fulfilled. I have maintained many cases that has given me a sense of duty. I am also in the process of continuing studies to obtain a license as a mental health counselor. In the future I know that I would be interested in teaching college level students. I know this is also an evolving passion, because I believe students not only need to be taught “by the book” principles. However, they should also learn from the perception of personal experience and application. I know that I have the motivation and ambition to provide the future generation with my multi-cultural, innovative and passionate views.

My ultimate goal is to open a family care facility that will provide services for children and families in need. The goal is to provide the parents with tools and resources to better their parenting and family conflict skills. I believe that when parents are equipped with skills, their children benefit. The goal of this counseling practice would be to unite families. I have multicultural views in which I am able to appeal to different situations concerning different lifestyles. I will provide counseling with passion and determination to resolve conflict; which is why I will succeed in everything I do.

Ultimately, my goal is to work with children and families to assist them in getting to a place of healthy and stable functioning. This opportunity is a necessity for me to get into the position to advocate and mediate on the behalf of families. I know this is something I will be good and my contribution will be effective. I am very excited about this opportunity to further my education.