Watching Auditing Movie And Write A 1-2 Page Discussion

Include 5 points  found interesting. What stood out as important.

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Cable Co. – Assignment

After viewing the Cable Co video, please write a 1-2 page discussion.

Here is the link of the movie, which contains 5 parts: A424/A514_CableCo1A424/A514_CableCo2A424/A514_CableCo3A424/A514_CableCo4A424/A514_CableCo5


Include 5 points you found interesting. What stood out as important to you.( better related to Auditing)

Double space, 12 pt, Times New Roman. Proper heading – name, date, class section.



1. Spelling – if you use spell check do not take the first suggestion

a. if you are not sure- check the meaning of the word at

2. Did you read your paper twice to make sure, it was correct?

3. Did you ask a friend or family member to read your work?

4. Did you utilize the writing center or other campus resources available?

5. Avoid using the same words or phrases over and over

6. Use proper vocabulary: do not use the words- a lot, got,

a. use a high level to reflect your education, understanding of business, and the correct meaning

7. Check for Run on sentences.

8. Use proper Audit terms: engagement, assignment, job, audit client or audit. Staff – not staffs.