Vulnerability and Risk Management

Vulnerability and Risk Management

This unit provided a series of interesting and intriguing concepts  on vulnerability and risk management in the assigned readings and media.  After you have completed the text and article readings and viewed  the videos, it is time for application to your selection Fortune 1000  company.

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In this discussion, assess the vulnerability and risk to the supply  chain of your selected company. Your first step is deciding the scope  of the evaluation. Which global supply chain will be evaluated? Then,  based on the unit readings, assess risk and vulnerability, using the  using the concepts of supply chain as an interactive system model from  Figure 13.1 on page 266 in your Global logistics and Supply Chain Management  text, and/or the risk framework from Figure 1 in Liu and Daniels’s 2017  article, “Towards a Value-Based Method for Risk Assessment in Supply  Chain Operations.”

Your initial post must include all the assigned readings and must be a minimum of 250 words in length, with no maximum.