Question Description

See#. Undertake a thorough assessment of the poem “On the Pulse of the Morning” using critical thinking skills.

1000 – 1200 words

For this assignment you should structure your essay to fully describe your understanding, analysis and evaluation of the poem. Further you should write a ‘deep dive’ with particular focus on the social context and author’s intended effects. Your work needs to display elements of research and original thinking.

Read PowerPoint and use deep dives.

When was the piece written?

What was the social context for the piece when first published?

What were the likely effects given the above facts?

What effects was the author hoping for? (We can infer this from the text and an understanding of the author’s wider body of work)

How does each piece read today? Social context? Likely effects?

Maya Angelou – On the Pulse of the Morning

Text and analysis

Reading at inauguration

Related interview

Author intended effects

Her values and beliefs

She is religious Christian

She was an avtivists(civil rights and women rights) ex. Poem “still I rise”

She was anti oppression

She was positive attitude to getting an older.

She was passionate about love, people, issues, writing, jesus, drinking.

And many more about her mention on interview.

What to do on paper (1000 words)

Introduction- setup (75 words)

Main text (850 words): Understand – what’s begging, end.

Analyze- Themes in the poem, one of ideas is on poem and supported by text.

Evaluate-conflict, voice/character, unresolved issues.

Analyze and Evaluate total words count 400

Deep Dive (450 words) * When and why?

  • Social context
  • Authors intended effect.

“still I rise” and watching main interview

Conclusion: wrap up (75 words)