Transformation Of SAIC From B2C To C2B

Transformation Of SAIC From B2C To C2B

a. Evaluate how the old strategic intent & BMC support or conflict with the new strategic intent & BMC

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The research is the transformation of SAIC Maxus From B2C to C2B. In a word, C2B is the customer to the business, which is the opposite of B2C. In short, it is a “customized” mode of “user-driven enterprise production”. Consumers customize products according to their own needs or actively participate in the process of product design, while manufacturers will customize production according to their needs. To sum up, the essence of C2B model is customization on demand.

This part mainly introduces the conflicts between the two business models. Combined with Burke Litwin’s model, it discusses where the disputes between B2C and C2B are. For example, in “individual needs”, the two models are the opposite.

Discuss the Maxus brand rather than parent company SAIC and focus on SAIC Maxus. Try not to talk about the US government, because this company is in China.


b. Analyze 1 key management & 1 principal leadership activity. How could each be improved? Justify.

This is also a problem in the use of the company, the main analysis is SAIC Maxus, not SAIC.

c. Select several change models/frameworks appropriate to the company. (Not SWOT). Justify selections.

Kotter’s change management theory

The Burke-Letwin model

These two models are introduced too much here, but they are not connected with the transformation of SAIC Maxus

d. Analyze the company’s transformation practices by applying selected change models/frameworks

To reduce the space of C, because C only introduces the model of its own choice, and D is the focus of analyzing SAIC Maxus’ transformation into C2B, what is the connection with Kotter’s change management theory and the Burke Letwin model.

e. Determine where the company’s transformation practices may be improved


This is also a problem in the use of the company, and the primary analysis is SAIC Maxus, not SAIC.

f. Determine how sustainable the transformation practices in (e) are. Propose relevant sustainability measures


This part will discuss whether C2B business model is sustainable,

This part is not related to C2B.