Trans Fats

Trans Fats

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Trans fats have been vilified in recent years as the least-healthy option with regard to fats in the diet. They are often indicated in the lists of ingredients posted on processed foods as “hydrogenated oils.” In processing, oils that are liquid at room temperature are converted to solid in order to give foods certain textural qualities and to prolong shelf life. Based on your viewing of the video below, please discuss the following questions:

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1) Why are trans fats considered bad for our cardiovascular health when compared to unsaturated or even saturated fats?

2) Do you try to avoid foods with trans fats or hydrogenated oils in your diet?

3) Do you notice any differences between foods high in trans fat (margarine) versus foods high in saturated fats (butter)?

4) Which do you think is the healthiest of fats to choose when planning your diet?

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