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Topic 1


What is your type? Personality types often are a key to team success but do you know what your “type” is? For this portion of the assignment, go to and take the 4 question test located toward the bottom of the page. When finished; go to and see if your “type” fits you. The next step is to go to answer the following questions:


What is your type?

Do you think the definition fits you or not and why?

How you think your “type” fits into a team and work environment.

Mine is INTP and I do have to say that it is right on; I would rather stay off to the side and watch what is going on than to be in the middle of the hub bub.


Personality is a big part of how we interact with others and knowing our type and the different other types will shed some light on why we do things the way we do them.


We all have encountered people that we just could not communicate with; it was not because they were clueless rather it was simply because our communication styles differed. As you will see once everyone starts posting their types there are people that are extroverts and people that are introverts. This does not mean that some are the life of the party where others are wall flowers but it mean that some say things and then think about it and others think about it and then say something. It is simply a way of how we process information we receive.


So, the next time someone is just not getting what you are trying to say, don’t get frustrated, just rephrase your thoughts in a different way.


Topic 2


Business communication is a complex process; what skills do you think comprise business communication and which do you feel is the most important or carries the most “weight” in the process?


We will come back to this question in week 10 so it will be interesting to see if your thoughts change or stay the same.


Topic 3


Politics aside – I am sure that some of you remember the infamous dialog put forth by Caroline Kennedy in which she exhibited a serious case of the “you know”s but in case you have not, check out this YouTube video that shows it does not matter how well heeled a person is; the verbal faux pas still exist. Caroline Kennedy Interview


Do you “you know” or “umm” or have other annoying verbal habits? Do you know someone that does? How do you feel about working with someone that has questionable verbal skills whether it be something like ‘you know’ing or constantly swearing?

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