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Prepare an Outline for this part of the assignment

For this assignment you will select a marginalized group (veterans,minorities, individuals with disabilities, etc.) and write a paper up to 2,100 words that can be used as a resource when working withan individual from the selected group. Use peer-reviewed resources tosupport your use of a specific career theory as well as interventionswith this population. The paper should include the following:

  1. An explanation of who the population is and why it isimportant for this group to receive career counseling
  2. Statistics on the group (e.g., how large, how many haveemployment problems, how many utilize career counseling)
  3. Discussion of career counseling theory to be used with the group(e.g., Minnesota theory of work adjustment). Include evidencesupporting the use of this theory in the general population as wellas within the group. Please note: If none are available, it isimportant to indicate that as well.
  4. Basic plan forcounseling utilizing chosen theory (e.g., interview, use ofassessment tools, explanation of theory)
  5. Environmental/personal barriers that may prevent the client fromfinding work (e.g., disability, substance use history, felony,transportation, limited computer access)
  6. Local resourcesavailable to help the client obtain work (e.g., job center, trainingprograms, support groups)
  7. Based on the information listedabove, provide some conclusions with regard to your plan to includeyour opinion on whether this plan is tenable and if you think if itcan work.
  8. A minimum of four scholarly references.