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Grasping the differences between modern organizations and traditionalorganizations is important for your career as a Human Resource Manager.HRMs are typically involved in strategic planning and they are alwaysresponsible for knowing and implementing government regulations.

Conduct some credible research on the modern organization and the traditional organization. For your discussion:

  • Discuss the skillsets you found for an HRM for each type oforganization. Which skillsets do you possess? Which skillsets are a gapfor you?
  • What types of strategic activities did you find for the role ofHRM in each type of organization? How do those activities differ?
  • Which organization is a better fit for your personality and values? Please explain.
  • For your reply post, discuss a student’s opposite viewpoint (fit) from yours. What are your thoughts on being successful in the 21st Century?

*A note about credible sources: Credible sources arereliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sources are written byauthors respected in their fields of study. You want to identify sourceswhere the author of the article is listed, if they’ve referenced otherinformation, the sources should be cited so that you can check for theaccuracy of and support what they have written. Wikipedia is notconsidered a credible source. For more information on credible sources,please review and apply the information from the following links: