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Throughout this course, you have been methodically investigating, analyzing, and proposing solutions for supporting innovative thinking within an organization. In this assignment, you will bring it all together in a final culminating assignment. The goal of the assignment is to persuade the organization to hire you to implement your innovative structures and strategies.

Create a persuasive 500 word essay of your compelling vision for organizational innovation revival within the organization. Choose the most essential pieces from your assignments in Topics 3-7 to include along with the steps to maintain your innovation structure.


In addition, you are required to submit the script of your pitch.

Make sure to include:

An overview of the organization’s history.

An assessment of the innovative culture within the organization.

A concise personal vision that describes yourself as an innovative leader.

An overview of your proposed organizational structure to improve innovation within the organization.

A summary highlighting your strategy for engaging innovative employees and fostering a climate of learning and development.

Steps you need to take and maintain in order to keep the innovation momentum within the organization.

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