Question Description

Read the ” Open Innovation at Siemens ” case thoroughly and answer the 4 questions below.

The questions below when answered should be overly detailed regarding the case.

For Question 4 Refer to the ” Open Innovation at Siemens ” case as well as incorporate materials related to the Open innovation class slides too.

Q1. Why did Siemens create an open innovation initiative? What perceived problems was the initiative trying to solve? (5 points)

Q2. Why do employees participate on Technoweb 2.0? What concerns might prevent them from participating? (5 points)

Q3. What metrics should be used at Siemens to assess the effectiveness of open innovation? Should they be different for each type of program? Why? (5 points)

Q4. Should responsibility for open innovation be centralized (i.e. be part of CT) or decentralized (i.e. be part of each business unit) ? Explain. (5 points)