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Review Case Study (within the READ section): Chapter. 13 – Real Choices at Domino’s

1,200 words. three APA (3) scholarly resources (overall). Please be sure to support your ideas accordingly, using proper APA formatting through in-text citations and a full reference list at the end.

1. Select three (3) key points from the case and expand upon each of these points. What challenge is Domino’s management facing?

2. There are a variety of promotion techniques Dominos could utilize to enhance their market share within the pizza category. If you were a Marketing Manager for Dominos which two (2) promotional techniques would you recommend to senior management? What is the rationale behind your recommendations?

3. The authors discuss a variety of mobile advertising platforms. Discuss two (2) mobile advertising platforms used by Dominos. How successful have these two (2) platforms been for Dominos? Provide two (2) recommendations to improve the success level.