Strategic Planning In Organizational Crisis Management

Strategic Planning In Organizational Crisis Management

Title: Strategic planning in organizational crisis management

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  1. Crisis Management




  1. Strategic Planning




  1. The role of strategic planning in organizational crisis management
  2. Conclusion
  3. References

References: Articles and books, reliable web sources. References must be explained in detail at the last chapter of the homework.

Turnitin check: The instructor will check the homework papers  by Turnitin software in order to avoid direct copying from other  students and the sources used, and also confirming the sources in the  references. Maximum acceptable percentage of similarity is 20%. If the  homework exceeds the similarity of 20%, the instructor will give 3 more  days to the student for correcting the paper. At the end of 3 days, the  homework will be checked again and if it still exceeds 20% similarity,  the student will have only one more chance to fix it in 1 more day.  After this step, the evaluation of homeworks will be done like this:

20-25% will be evaluated over 90

25-30% will be evaluated over 80

30-35% will be evaluated over 70

35-40% will be evaluated over 60

>40% will be accepted as uncompleted, failed homeworks

Cover Page: Title of the homework, name surname, student number, course name, code and section

Number of Pages: The homework paper should be minimum 8 and maximum 10 pages.

Writing style: Arial 11 pt, Line spacing 1,5