Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis

1. Analyze the organization’s structure

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2. Analyze and evaluate the organization’s external and internal environment (

should choose Pestel and  VRIO framework analysis tool)

Description of

Assignment Tasks


Group Research Report


Students will write a report analysing a strategic decision made by an organization of their choice in the UAE. ( The company is Emaar Proporties )

1. Analyse the organization’s structure

2. Analyse and evaluate the organization’s external and internal environment


Word or Page Limit 6 pages
Presentation Format

(e.g. MS Word document)

MS Word document
Resources and Support Available College library, internet newspapers, magazines, or other reference sources.



Rubric for Group Research Report


Course Learning Outcomes Excellent Student Marks Faculty Comments
CLO1- recognize the key strategic functions that contribute to the organizational success in a given context (5 Marks) The student will be able to :


Discuss at least three significant strategic functions (such as development of company strategy and vision, identification of products and markets, focusing on company’s brand positioning, aligning across businesses or departments and planning the strategy correction) and explain how they create organizational success for the chosen organization





Identify the organizational structure of the chosen company and examine the alignment fit between the success factors and the current structure


Write about the company structure and policies

CLO2-analyze the internal and external business environments of a given organization for creating competitive advantage

(10 Marks)

The student will be able to :


Analyse any five internal environmental factors (may include owners, shareholders/employees/organizational culture/resources of the organization/organization’s image/goodwill, and by not limiting to these alone)in a critical manner by addressing the key factors that are likely to impact upon the chosen organization(5 Marks).


Evaluate the role of external factors of environment on the organizational success by addressing issues related to the general environment, industry environment and competitor environment


Present arguments to support how these internal and external environmental factors have the potential to create competitive advantage for the chosen organization


We should choose Pestel and VRIO framework analysis tool









Make sure that you get some information from their 2019 annual report



and if you take an information through any book I should be able to access the book online



Revised: September 2019