State Credentialing And Licensure

Clinical mental health counselors are subject to laws established by state professional counselor licensure boards. Conduct an Internet search to locate the legislative body that grants professional counseling licenses in your state and explore its Web site. Then, in your post, complete the following:

  • Present the scope of practice for clinical mental health counselors in your state (note that CMHCs might also be called LPCs, LMHCs, or something similar). What are CMHCS allowed to do, as defined by law? What are they not allowed to do?
  • List the preparation standards and steps necessary for credentialing in your state. Post these in a bulleted, abbreviated, outline format.
  • Describe something new or surprising that you learned as you researched the scope of practice in your state.

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least one other learner whose state licensure requirements differ from those in your state. Please choose a post that has had few or no responses. Compare and contrast the differences in requirements between the two states.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Research professional organizations, including professional membership benefits, activities, services to members, and current issues.
  • Use the Internet to identify professional organizations relevant to the practice of mental health counseling in a specialty area.