For this infographic assignment, build an infographic based on the information learned over the first 4 weeks of the course.

This infographic should be a visualization of the most important messages you feel the population/client population needs to know about social determinants and the role that these disparities play within the social work profession and the role of a social worker. This can include information on the different health disparities evident in the United States, the different impacts on the population, different roles a social worker plays, ethical guidelines, why the NASW, WHO and continued research is important, etc. This infographic can then be used as an educational tool.

Some examples of infographics are – a good example and a not-so-good example (colors don’t go together, hard to see and read)

You are welcome to choose one of the following tools to build your infographic. These tools are user-friendly and have plenty of user guides to get you started.

Have some fun with this assignment – the focus here is not on your graphic design abilities, but on a different approach to understanding the social determinants of health faced by your target audience.


Please review the grading rubric for performance criteria.