Short Answer

Using one of the two articles under the Choose One: Short Answer section of the module reading, explain in 1–2 paragraphs why you think scientific evidence provided by Patterson or by researchers examining the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke was countered so strongly by the big petroleum and tobacco companies. How do you think the “big money” provided by these industries to fund alternate research efforts reflects the importance of the role of funding in research?

To complete this assignment, review the Module Four Short Answer Guidelines and Rubric document.

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Topic (Describe the topic discussed in your news story, providing details about the background of the topic.)


Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder which causes degeneration or wasting away of the brain cell thus dying. Dementia which is a decline in thinking is caused by this disorder. According to reports taken in year 2016, 2017and 2918 respectively, this disorder has caused a lot of deaths. Some of the symptoms for AD include amnesia and Dementia. There is a fact that the brain cell of the patient dies with time making the tissue to have nerve cells and connections which are few

Main Idea (Identify the main idea or thesis in the news story you selected.)


In the US for example, up to 5.5 million citizens have been diagnosed with AD in the 2017 and this number has been projected to grow. It’s stated that AD is listed among the top six diseases that are leading to death cases. The nerve cells within the grain are destroyed and the infected have problems doing things progressively and so the disease devastates the brain.




Supporting Evidence (Describe the evidence that supports the main idea or thesis of your news story.)


1) In the year 2015, there was an increase in of up to 123% of death cases reported to have been caused by AD.

2) With the baby boom generation in the US, there is a projected growth of the cases of up to 13.8 million

3) After a report was carried out concerning cases of AD, it was estimated that a person can develop AD in after every 66 seconds and this is as a result of dementia, amnesia and stress.

Questions (Your questions should be based on the main idea and supportingevidence that you identified.)


1) What ways can be used be prevent AD and dementia?

2) How first can stress lead to depression which is a risk factor of AD?

3) What can be done to lessen the cases of deaths caused by AD?




Information (Identify the types of sources that you could use to find more information about the topic discussed in your news story and the questions you posed.)


Some of the peer reviewed articles containing such information can be found on the University Websites or library. Also, medical journals have information encompassing this disorder, how it can be prevented, and facts concerning it as well as other disorders related to it.








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