Select a problem that a firm might have bringing out a new product or service and discuss how the firm could overcome that problem.

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Bring a new product or service to the market

The firm brings the product or service to the company to take possession of the customers. Marketing specialists have faced challenges with other organizations and the need is to launch new products in the markets. Customers focus mainly on quality brands and the price of products if it is good and can meet that cost, customers easily bought the products in the markets and achieve the best results for the business organization. If the seller launches new products in the market to customers, it is lost because people cannot reach their marketing levels in the organization (Midgley, D. F. (2014)).

For example, some new groceries are launched in markets with quality brands and average prices. In the markets, grocery stores have a variety of varieties as a base, lip glossaries, etc., when they were introduced in the markets, some of the people cannot easily buy because they may not be interested in buying or not satisfying the products at the same time. Price in this case, sellers face problems when people do not buy in the marketing system. Marketing specialists are highly anticipated when they serve a product, but if they do not get good results from customers, they cannot reach their business levels and can make decisions for an alternative to manage the business (Liao, C. N., Lin, C. H., & Fu, Y. K. (2016)).

Overcome the problem of bringing new products to the markets

To overcome the problems of sellers who are losing their products. First, they have to know what problems customers have faced in bringing new products to the markets. The groceries are making good quality and have some brands such as low or high quality with good prices for customers. When the product is explained to customers, they have to know what the product is like and provide a low cost so that they can easily satisfy the products in the markets. Mainly, customers focus on price and quality brands if they satisfy the products, increase their business levels and reach their customer-based sales objectives.

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