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Discussion 1:

Wesley Corporation’s Ethical Issues

This week’s Discussion is centered on the case scenario presented in the EC 17 Ethics Case.

Since cash is the most important asset in a firm, success of a firm can be directly traced to its cash management. Though reliance on cash flows to the exclusion of accrual accounting is discouraged, comparing cash from operations to net income can reveal important information about the “quality” of reported net income.

Please review the EC 17 Ethics Case scenarioin your text and answer the following questions.

  • Who are the stakeholders in this situation?
  • Was there anything unethical about the president’s actions? Was there anything unethical about the controllers action? Explai
  • Are the board members or anyone else likely to discover the misclassification? Explain.

Discussion 2:

Social media is changing on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date on current events in social media.

Topic: Social Media

  • Identify an article from the last 3 years and discuss why the article is important in relation to marketing and social media. Be sure to include the URL and comment on others’ articles as well.