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This week you will be exploring how propaganda was used in the Second World War. Propaganda was essential to morale for the American people and was used in order to persuade them of the justice of American involvement, as well as to contribute to the war effort, whether it was through victory gardens, rationing, recycling, or joining the war through enlistment or the workforce via manufacturing. Every artist, entertainer, and animator was involved in government propaganda, including Walt Disney, as seen in this video:, Dr. Seuss, as seen here: , and even comic books, especially Captain America.

Watch the video found on this website: After that, read the following article on American Propaganda in World War II:

After you do these you will find and analyze a piece of propaganda from the Second World War. You may Google “World War 2 Propaganda Posters” and select one either from the “Images” search results or from one of the websites which comes up. Copy/Paste the picture in your thread and I would like for you to answer the following questions, the first half in response to your specific piece of propaganda, and the second half in response to propaganda in general:

1. What is happening in this piece of propaganda? If it depicts an American enemy, how are they portrayed?

2. What is it attempting to persuade you to do? In what way is it persuasive?

3. What emotional response does this piece of propaganda evoke in you?

4. Does the good of propaganda outweigh the bad? How?

5. In what ways do you think propaganda is most successful?

6. Does the government still use propaganda? In what ways can it be seen in the modern nation?