Complete assignments 5 and 6 for Cardinal Wholesalers, Inc. and additional requirements


Based on your readings, use of technology, peer reviewed literature, authoritative sources, and the Fraud Examiners Manual complete the requirements in the project for:

  • Assignment 5
  • Assignment 6
  • Include  a detailed supporting flow chart as an exhibit that demonstrates how you arrived at your conclusions and recommends in this case. Create this flow chart in Lucidchart that would  visual representation how you solved this case. Construct your diagram as if you were showing it in to jury in a court case.
  • Include any ethical considerations you would have used  while investigating this case.


  • This section should be at least 5 pages (not including cover page, abstract or references).  Do not combine these assignments with prior assignments 1-4 already submitted. You may reference those prior assignments as needed but do not include the assignments previously submitted.
  • A minimum of Three references: academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references identified by the instructor.
  • All research papers are submitted in APA format and/or any special format required by these assignments.
  • Assignments 5 and 6 and any additional requirements above
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