Research Paper


Sorry i forget to send you the project proposal. This the topic of our research paper,The Impact of ERP Assimilation, Process Agility and Business Intelligence Maturity on Innovation Performance.

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Based on this  we are  finding paper and writing a concept and findings of those paper.

This time i need a help following things,

1. Complete the conceptual diagram in the research model for Business process Agility and Erp Assimilation

2. In the tab 5.Radical Innovation –  I have found some article and copied the topic and year , Please write the concept and findings of the paper and also the same we did in the research model last time

3. If possible can you help me finding some research paper on big data and analytical maturity which suits our research topic.

Here i have also sent you screen shot of our research model so that you will better know what i am talking about. Other than that steps are same like we did before. I have also sent you some of the research papers too.