I need a research paper by 11/7/19. I have posted the requirements for the paper.

The company the paper needs to be about (AEP American Electric Power)

CASE SCENARIO: The CEO has asked you (the Controller) to evaluate a specific S&P company. This project goes beyond the basic financial statement analysis. You can obtain the most recent 10-K reports from www.sec.gov.

GRADING: Written report (35 points);

• A short & concise written report (not to exceed 15 pages).

• Bullet points are acceptable. Footnotes & references are important in academic settings; however, short & concise notes are prevalent in corporate settings.

• Clearly label the 4 parts:

· Part 1: Briefly provide company background (one paragraph).

· Part 2: Present key financial ratios that support your recommendation.

· Part 3: Your recommendation if this is a good investment opportunity.

· Part 4: Present any relevant information especially off-balance sheet and other disclosures.

• Email me by 11.59 pm on the due date. Clearly indicate in your email subject “ACC4221Project”. No need to turn in 10-Ks.

• Report due Week 13 (11/19/19). Extra 10 points if turned in by Week 12 (11/12/19). Subtract 10 points if turned in Week 14 (11/26/19). Subtract 20 points if turned in Week 15 (12/3/19). \


Presentation (15 points) in Weeks 11-15; not to exceed 15 minutes.


Some factors to consider:

• What do you know about the company?

• What are the basic financial ratios (liquidity, profitability, solvency)?

• How do the financial ratios compare with other companies in the same industry?

• What are the key highlights of the company’s financial performance?

• What are the challenges (strengths and weaknesses) facing this industry/company?

• Does the company have a history of solid, steady growth, or the potential to grow?

• Has the company weathered the last recession well?

• How big is the market/demand for the products/services?

• Who are the major competitors and how successful are they?

• Who are the major customers?

• Do the directors and other company officers have a solid track record of success?

• What is their management style? • How much of the company do the directors and officers own?

• Do you share the same vision and values of the CEO of the company?

• Can the CEO and leadership team execute their vision?

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