Research Paper– The research paper should incorporate the concepts and principles related to the study of Human Resource Management. The organization, and/or management issue, that you choose must have enough written about it in order for you to do an in-depth analysis. All papers should be proofread, free of spelling/grammatical errors, include proper citations, and be in accordance with current APA standards. A minimum of five (5) scholarly references are required. This is the topic: The Legal Environment: Equal Employment Opportunity and safety.
• Cover sheet (Subject, Title, Course Number and Name).
• A total 5-6 pages (numbered), double-spaced (12-point font: TNR). The paper must be written in “3rd person.”
• Margins: (1”).
• No newspaper or Internet sources will be accepted, including Wikipedia; professional trade magazines (e.g. Business Week, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, etc.) may be used, but will not count toward the required scholarly references.
• A Reference List is required; appropriate tables and figures may be used when warranted.

Also, a PowerPoint Presentation- A PowerPoint Presentation that consist of no more than 10 slides.

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