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Please no plagiarisms,,,I have to submit it online and my professor have a software that check plagiarism. My topic is Prevention of adult obesity in America. I want you to write down three to four page on my essay. introduction, four to five body paragraph and conclusion. It should be scholarly articles. Also, I want at least four works cite on MLA forum. Send me the links of the scholarly article incase my professor ask me. Finally, write it down in ENG 111 level. I will post my proposal down below.

Prevention of Adult Obesity in America

Research Proposal

For my research paper, I am writing about preventaion of adult obestiy has become an epidemic lately. Obesity is a dangerous which cause a lot of health issues. There are different causes for obesity. I will explore the causes, consequnces of obesity and provide suggestions on preventing it. Obesity seems like an easy thing to prevent therefore I want to research further to see if that it true.