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First, here is a video that you may find helpful or illuminating for this topic. Please watch. You may decide to use this video as one of your outside sources for the project. This is Charlamagne Tha God with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

If you have chosen the mental health and masculinity option, the first thing you will want to do is focus on one topic within the readings that interested you to develop you research question(s). If you need help crafting a research question, please refer to the following documents: Develop_a_Research_Question.pdfPreview the document. and Strategies for Narrowing a Research Question.pdfPreview the document

Once you have decided on a research question, then you need to pick your anchor text. Your anchor text can be one of the three readings, you had for this assignment, or it can be one you have found in your research.

Use all phases of the writing process to create a largely error free essay,

understand and use an academic article to analyze an element of culture, research,

synthesize, integrate, and contextualize multiple

outside sources (through

quotations, paraphrasing, and summary) with their own voice, analysis, or

position, while avoiding plagiarism. Employ a variety of organizational patterns

to support or advance central ideas (theses/claims).


Your goal is to develop a thesis based on your research (research question) into masculinity and mental health, and provide at least two solutions to the issue you have researched .The main purpose of an argument/persuasive essay is to convince your audience to take your side on an issue by presenting a logical idea and supporting it with specific and appropriate researched evidence.

Successful essays will do this by:

  • Including an introduction that draws in the reader, briefly introduces Cohen antdhe topic of your essay, and has a clear thesis that states your argument ansdignals a plan for the essay.
  • Creating a literature review that establishes and explains your anchor text in a body paragraph. Your anchor text will be your central/main text for your essay.Summarize the main argument, claims, and evidence. Discuss theauthor’s
    ideas as if you were explaining them to someone who was unfamiliar with the text.
  • Including at least three outside sources to strengthen your argument. The three sources must be in addition to your anchor text – find a mix of peer reviewed and popular sources that support your analysis of your chosen topic. Don’t just rely on your interpretations and opinions – find others who agree with you! Your outside sources should be connected to your monsters in that they support your understanding of the monsters you have chosen.

o LookfortheseoutsidessourcesthroughCuyamaca’sLibrary:

o If you need help finding outside sources that fit these requirements, please contact me.

o Feel free to also use any of the readings, podcasts, and TED Talks I have already assigned for this paper as well.

  • Including vivid and specific details when describing concepts in your essay.
  • Synthesizing by combing information from different sources to inform ansdupport agreater understanding of yourargument.
  • Includes at least TWO solutions to your researched topic
  • Finishing with a conclusion that restates your thesis, reviews your body paragraphs,and a final though, prediction, piece of advice, something you learned or realized or the answer to a question you posed earlier.



Suggested Format for Your Essay



Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Literature Review
Paragraph 3: Discuss Research on Problem/IssueParagraph 4: Problem/Issue
Paragraph 5: Solution
Paragraph 6: Solution
Paragraph 7: Conclusion