Question Description

*Essay should be 6-8 pages

* A thesis statement with a topic, an opinion, reasons, and specific language

*Introduction should begin with a compelling hook, present relevant background information,

and present both sides of the argument

*Essay must be persuasive and have a clear, convincing thesis statement that states your opinion

*You must make concessions to the other point of view to show that you have carefully understood and considered their position.

* Essay must contain TEA paragraphs

*Body paragraphs that are well-focused and avoid repetition.Each body paragraph

should explore a different but related idea.

* Refutation of counterarguments. Indicate why claims that counter your own are incorrect.

* Quotes are properly introduced with page numbers properly cited.

* A conclusion that does more than just summarize the main idea of your essay.It should reinforce the importance of the issue and discusses the implications of the issue on a broader