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Carefully experiment with the Privacy settings in Facebook. Describe how you would use the privacy settings in Facebook to protect your privacy and safety. Why is this important?

When you enter the privacy settings on your Facebook account, it gives you the option to go over your settings as a type of a refresher of your privacy settings. I did the refresher and all it is making sure you know who can see your posts, and who can see your profile. Also, you can manage your profile and manage if you want to add education, or if you’ve recently moved to another city, state, etc.

I would use and also recommend using to others the refresher that is available on the privacy settings. It is very helpful because we tend to lose track of our privacy on Facebook, or any social media for that matter. It’s important to stay on top of things, and to be sure we are only allowing those who we have as friends to see our posts, our pictures, or any other information that we post on Facebook. It is also very important to do this because of how notorious cyber crime has become. Especially if you have kids, I would say this of utmost importance because there are many predators out there that can lure younger children by social media if we don’t monitor their social media accounts, and the privacy settings on those accounts. In today’s day, we just don’t know, and we need to monitor these things every closely, and very often.