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Answer each question is some type of paragraph form, doesn’t have to be TOO long.

1. The Test of De-Mythologization

Ross Douthat and Rudolph Bultmann seem obviously to agree that the project of “Demythologization” wouldn’t land you in with Buddhism or the “God Within” crowd. What’s supposed to be the problem with thinking that it could?

2. Faith and Works

Rudolph Bultmann famously claims that no one accepts the New Testament’s view of the world (i.e. of cosmology and the like.) In fact, no modern could accept that view, he says. Does that seem right to you? Aren’t there people who do accept it? Or is it that they just say they do?

3. Atonement

What is the source of Bultmann’s worry about the availability of the doctrine of Atonement?