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View the Confucianism and Taoism Lecture Videos and create a outline of the content presented. An example of a proper outline is as follows:

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Hinduism Unit 1

Think about it like this. You are like a lantern. The light shines within you; however the glass around your light is covered in dirt and grime and cannot be seen. Somehow you must strip away the thick layers of grime so that the light that you already have can shine through.

Hinduism recognizes four human desires:

  1. Pleasure: Wealth, Fame Power
  2. Worldly Success: The drive to be successful
  3. Duty: Our responsibilities
  4. Liberation:

Hinduism recognizes that these four human desires often become the grim that covers the light. We must think about it in terms of an athlete that is in training and who renounces a momentary pleasure for a more significant goal.

These desires have limitations:

  1. They are exclusive, competitive, precarious
  2. Insatiable
  3. Center’s meaning on one’s finite self
  4. “Glitter fades” The satisfaction that they give is temporary.

There are two paths that one can take regarding these desires:

  1. The Path of Desire
  2. The Path of Renunciation

The connection between the two is really a level of spiritual maturity.

The Path of Renunciation leads to our real desires – what we really want – which is “To be, To know, and to be Happy!”