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After watching/reading about a few of the majors, please write a 2-page reflection and submit your reflection to this assignment. Requirements for this reflection are as such:

If you are already a declared major, discuss why you chose this major, what you hope to do with this major, and other thoughts on the major. In addition, choose one additional major to watch and reflect on why you chose that major and perform some research on career paths for this major.

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Management Careers


Why Major in Management?

Are you the kind of person who likes to solve problems? Do you see the big picture when others see only parts of the whole? Are you good at bringing order to chaos? Do people gravitate to you? Do you bring people together to get things done? Are you good at turning your plans into accomplishments? Do you find yourself taking a leadership role in school and in your personal life? Do others see you as a highly ethical and moral person?


If you answered yes to many of these questions, a Management major be perfect for you.


Daniels Management majors learn how to plan, organize and control business processes and lead people. Unlike a narrowly focused technical major, the Daniels Management curriculum takes a broad approach to business, public service, and non-profit management. The Daniels Management major will help you develop the confidence, agility, consciousness, and analytical savvy necessary to effectively navigate and lead in an increasingly volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous world.


Daniels Management majors get a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business through coursework in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Analytics, Strategy, and Ethical Business Practices. But, because of Management courses in Managing Complex Organizations, Leading for Collaboration, Global Management, Dispute Resolution, Project Management, Consulting Skills, Managing Growth, and Developing Business Plans, they are well positioned to move up the corporate ladder once they join a company after graduation.

Daniels Management majors work in a variety of fields and industries. Because of their general business education, they find jobs as Account Executives, Business Analysts, Business Development Specialists, Project Managers, Human Resource Associates, Management Consultants, Retail Managers, Office Managers, and Procurement Specialists. They work in a variety of industries like Banking, Health Care, Insurance, Retail, Consulting, Advertising, Oil and Gas, Non-Profit. and Education.


Additional information for each of the above career tracks as well as others is available through

Vault (log in to Vault through




Daniels Management students develop these important and in demand skills and competencies for which employers are looking:




· Strategic thinking skills

· Analytical skills

· Decision making

· Negotiation

· Problem solving

· Conversation skills

· Written communication skills

· Presentation skills

· Teamwork skills

· Planning skills

· Goal setting skills

· People leadership skills

· Motivation skills

· Delegation skills

· Hiring skills

· Onboarding skills

· Employee training and development skills



Is a Management major right for you?

It’s easy to learn more about the Daniels Management major. Schedule a session with a Career advisor, or attend one of the Management Major Workshops. Attend career events to network with employers that hire Management majors and alumni who majored in Management. Schedule meeting with Management Department faculty members to get their perspective on the major and career paths.


Resources & Associations


Association of Management/International Association of Management, International Personnel Management Association, Academy of Management, Society for Human Resources, US Bureau of Labor Statistics