The following data about a protein sequence was collected. You know that the peptide is 37
amino acids long.
1) cleavage with CNBr (using the single letter amino acid code):
M1: I-P-G-W-V-M M2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M
M3: D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G-D-F-L
2) Cleavage with trypsin:
T1: S-K T2: E-S-G-D-F-L-A-I-D-L-G
T3: G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P-G-W-V-M-D
3) cleavage with chymotrypsin:
C1: L-A-I-D-L-G-G-T-N-L-R C2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P-G-W
C3: V-M-D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G-D-F
4) cleavage with Endopeptidase Asp-N (“Endo Asp”):
EA1: D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G EA2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P
EA3: D-F-L-A-I- EA4: D-L-G-G-T-N-L-R
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