A 21 year old women consult her physician because she is concerned about devoloping adult polycystic kidney disease (APKD). She has always been healthy and has never had any problems with her kidneys or urine. Also, her sister is healty. However, her father just developped renal failure, and her aunt and grand mother had renal transplants in their 40s. The women’s father, aunt, and grandmother have been diagnosed as having APKD. The patients’s 28 years old cousin (her aunt daughter) also has been found to have this condition, but she is healthy.

  • Draw the pedigree fort his family (Indicate the generation and individual numbers).
  • What is the most likely pattern of inheritance for AKPD in this family?
  • Indicate the genotypes of the individuals in the family (A: dominat allele, a: recesive alle)
  • What is the chance of the patient devoloping APKD?