1. The gas inside a balloon has a volume of 15.0 L at a pressure of 2.0 atm Calculate the pressure of the gas if is volume is compressed to 10.0 L at the same temperature

2. A given amount of oxyçen gas has a volume of 25.0 L at a temperature of 37°C and a pressure of 10 atm Atwhat temperature would this gas occupy a volume of 22.0 L at a pressure of 10 atm?

3. The volume of a gas sample at 0 degrees C and 1.0 atm is 10.0 L How many moles of gas are contained in the sample?

4. What would be the pressure of 6.40 g oxygen gas in a vessel with a volume of 4.5 L at 20°C?

5. A sample of oxygen gas, which is saturated with water vapor, is kept in a 10-L vessel at 30°C and has a pressure of 758 Torr If the pressure of the water vapor at this temperature s 31.8 Torr, what would be the pressure of the

dry oxygen?