Answer the following questions at the end of the report: 

1. Give ONE example each for commercial kits that can be used to extract i) genomic DNA from blood and ii) plasmid DNA from bacteria. Provide the full names of the kits and URLs to the products. 


2. Why vigorous mixing at step 4 of part C in the practical handout must be avoided. 



3. Besides agarose gel electrophohoresis, name another method to check the quantity and quality of purified DNA samples. 

C. Preparation of plasmid DNA from bacteria cell (E. Coli) – Alkaline method.

4. Add 200 µL of Alkaline lysis solution II (0.2 N NaOH, 1% SDS) to the suspension and mixed by inverting the tube 5 – 8 times until the suspension become clear and sticky.