A copy of the journal article (5 points)

A. One typed paragraph describing why you selected this particular article. (5 points)

B. Journal Article Report – This is a typed report. There should be six sections with assigned points. Use the headings below. This paper should reflect YOUR understanding of the journal article. Do NOT plagiarize the article or simply restate the information. The object of this assignment is for you to comprehend and explore current research in the field of psychology.

1. Background –

This is generally the information which lead to the current research. Typically this describes similar research and explains why the current research was necessary. Please include the outcomes of at least three previous studies done that relate to the current research.


2. Hypothesis –

This will be clearly states in any scholarly article – it may be found in the abstract, background or methods sections. This section answers the question, “What are they expecting to happen?” You can use a quote from the article in this section, but please quote appropriately using APA style, including quotation marks.


3. Methods – In paragraph form without subheadings

a. Number of subjects

b. Method of selection of subjects

c. Procedures used (What did they do to carry out the study including how they collected the data used in the study)

d. What was measured? What were the variables?

e. How did they measure this ?


4. Results (may also be labeled Findings) –

What did they find? Specifically note whether the hypothesis was supported or not. Be certain to analyze key variables.


5. Conclusion (may also be labeled Discussion) –

This will be clearly outlined in any scholarly article. If you are studying applied research, include any application which answer the question, “How could this information be used by the general population?” If your article is a basic research article, what potential uses could this information have? In this section also include what the authors indicate are the limitations of this study and the directions in which future research in this area could go. (10)


6. References –

You will reference ONLY the article you selected. Unless you examined other resources or your text for material you included in your report. Do NOT retype the reference section of the article you summarize. (5 points)


7. Degree of Exceptional Writing will be assessed by the course instructor and the points earned will be based on extent to which student complied with good writing practices to include but not limited to sentence structure, spelling, appropriateness of word choice, clarity of thoughts expressed, subject-verb agreement, etc. (10 points)