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Choose a problem, issue, or story in yourlocal environment that moves you. Take your own pictures (10-20) andcreate a photo essay. Include a 3-4 page explanation of your projectthat defines the chosen problem, issue, or story, explains your approachand process, and analyzes the photo narrative you’ve created. Finally,reflect on the ways in which a narrative of this type can be an exampleof inquiry and social/political/intellectual change.(I already have the pictures)

My Topic:

Student athletes and time management

My first paragraph (can be edited):

Youmight have heard the phrase “If you wait until the last minute it to doit, it only takes a minute to do”. In most circumstances this is notthe case and certainly not for a Student-athlete. The termStudent-athlete refers to an individual that is a full-time student andparticipates in college varsity athletics. Student-athletes have a dualrole as both students and athletes and they have variousresponsibilities in both roles. Student-athleteshave some entirely different responsibilities that regular students donot have to keep track of, such as workouts, strict meal plans, rest,recovery, study hall hours, and a lack of free time. It is important forstudent athletes to practice time managements skills in order tosucceed in their academics, social lives, and athletics.