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Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling. Please read carefully this 2 assignments.

Assignment 1:

Thisweek, the topic is Promoting Emotional and Social Development. Aftercompleting your weekly text reading, reviewing the additional resourcesprovided, and in doing your own outside research, complete the followingthree (3) step assignment:

Step1: Select a setting in which you can complete two 30-minuteobservations of children socially interacting. This can be a preschool, aplayground, YMCA, Girl Scout or Boy Scout event, mall play area, etc.Complete two 30-minute observations of infants, a toddlers, orpreschoolers. Write objective and detailed notes on exactly what you see(i.e. How many children? What is each child doing? Is there anargument? Is there a child playing alone, and what specifically ishe/she doing? How are the children interacting? etc.) Observationsshould be taken in 1-minute time intervals. It works well to take yourphone with you and set a 1-minute timer, each time it goes off, recordexactly what you see. Make sure to turn on vibrate or the ringer waydown so not to disturb the natural play environment. Please utilize thechart below. Make sure to fill out completely with details about yourobservation. Please note that an administrator or site director mustauthorize all observations.

Observation 1

Observation 2
Date: Date:
Location: Location:
1- minute Time Interval Objective Observation Notes 1- minute Time Interval Objective Observation Notes
Start Time: Start Time:
End Time: End Time:

Step 2. Complete the graphic organizer below using the detailed notes above.

Types of Play

Developmental Behaviors/Explanation of Each (use your text, the videos from the “Learning Materials”, and outside research to complete this section. Please provide a definition for all of the sections even if it was not observed in an observation.) Types of Play Observed (you will likely see more than one type of play in one 30 minute observation. Select all that apply to your observation by placing an X next to the ones you observe. (It is not likely that all 11 behaviors will be observed within these 2 observations, but the expectation is to observe a minimum of 5) Observed Behaviors (For each X that you have identified in the ‘Types of Play Observed’ column, provide a specific example of something you observed during one or more of your observations that falls in the respective categories)
Observation #1 Observation #2 Observation #1 Observation #2
Unoccupied Play
Solitary Play
Onlooker Play
Parallel Play
Associative Play
Social Play
Physical Play
Constructive Play
Expressive Play
Fantasy Play
Cooperative Play

Step3: Compose a 1250 word essay reflecting upon key concepts fromthis week’s assigned reading and on what you learned about Emotional andSocial Development from your observations. Make sure to explain a) whatnew knowledge you gained, b) any contradictions about what you thoughtyou knew about play, c) how you anticipate the observations and readingswill help to make you a better teacher, and d) what will you dodifferently now to better develop the emotional and social needs ofchildren with whom you work or could work with in the future. Throughoutyour essay, pick one or more of the following areas to connect to andsupport the discussion points in your essay.

  1. Emotional Attachment
  2. Ericson’s Stages of Psychosocial Behavior
  3. Facilitating Social Behavior

Clearlylabel each section of your essay so that your instructor knows whichsection you are addressing for the prompts. APA formatting and a minimumof three (3) citations, each from different professional references isrequired. Title page and reference page do not count towards minimumword amount.

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

Assignment 2:

Locatetwo academic articles from a professional, peer-reviewed journalrelated to the topic of Early Childhood Special Education. Write a1250 word summary paper addressing each of the followingpoints/question. Be sure to completely answer all questions in eachbullet point. There should be two sections, one for each numericalbullet below. Separate each section in your paper with a clear headingthat allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing inthat section of your paper. Make sure to reference the citations usingthe APA writing style for each article. Include a cover page and areference page, which do not count towards the minimal word amount.

Summarizeboth professional, peer-reviewed articles by addressing the followingfor each study. Repeat this sequence for each article.

  • What question/hypothesis was the researcher trying to answer or investigate?
  • Define the variables studied.
  • Describe the sample.
  • How did the researcher gather data in the study?
  • What were the results?
  • What did you learn about early childhood special education from this study and how will you change your classroom practice?

Compare and contrast both studies and explain the similarities and differences.