Question Description

This project write-up submitted through Blackboard must include an executive summary of the issue/problem and research action associated with the five points below.Your group should consider this as a presentation to the “board of directors” and your paper must be able to substantiate, justify and defend your recommendation(s) for the particular course of action you are presenting. The group will need to select an existing American-based company, a target product or service as well as an “undiscovered” country to expand into for a new global business venture.

The final paper will need to incorporate research about:

  • Country: any cultural, language, religious, ethical and social responsibility issues
  • Product: known competitor(s), any operational and reputational issues
  • Strategic Decision: entry strategy, applicable technology and operating structure issues
  • Human Resources: type of employee/management and availability issues
  • Marketing: who is your target market based on demographics i.e. age, gender, income, social media use, etc.